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Our name comes from Punjabi, ਕੌਰ meaning princess and at our very core we are equality, self-empowerment and independence for women everywhere.

What Beauty Means To Us

Beauty is meant to be pure in every sense; mind, body and soul. We believe that mother nature holds all of the ingredients for this beauty – we don’t need toxins or manmade chemicals – we need pure and natural Earth drawn ingreidents that will heal our bodies and uplift our spirits, leaving our skin feeling and looking healthier than ever.

Our Founder

Priscilla Kaur Dhillon, our founder and mother of two, spent over 15 years in the beauty industry – including as a make-up artist and stylist in Los Angeles, California, the heart of the media and entertainment world.

She founded Kaur Essentials with great insight (and forewarnings) from making the world’s most famous stars look “beautiful” for commercial, print and movie roles. Her ability to craft skincare comes from the knowledge she gained after working for some of the world’s leading cosmetic brands, including L’Oreal, Benefit and MAC cosmetics.

A Mother's Mission

During Priscilla’s first pregnancy she was compelled to understand exactly what was going into her body through her skin. That maternal urge sparked her journey to thoroughly examine the ingredients in the beauty / skincare products she used on a daily basis.

What she found in the mainstream “beauty” products shocked her. She was left inspired to develop a 100% pure, safe, and all natural skincare suite that actually works.

Women, and even men, all over the world are benefiting from our unique skincare suite and the positive, lasting effects it offers.

Our Ingredients

All of our ingredients are the finest, purest, highest grade available from Mother Earth.

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Company Values

We believe that our company values will transform the skincare industry and how people view beauty.

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