Kaur Essentials promise is Pure. Each and every element in our products is the finest, purest, highest grade available from Mother Earth. You will find nothing artificial, synthetic, chemical or processed: No sulfates, parabens, fillers, artificial fragrances or mineral oils. With Kaur Essentials you experience purity beyond “all natural” and even certified organic: Kaurganics – Beyond Organic Care for Skin, Spirit and Soul.
The Kaur Essentials effect is pure, lasting Beauty. Kaur products are painstakingly crafted to penetrate deep beneath your skin’s surface to infuse your cells with rejuvenating, healing, and nourishing power that continues over time. Kaur elements each have distinct beautifying properties and purposes, and work in harmony with each other for ultimate impact. The result is your most radiant, beautiful and healthy skin, from the inside out. Plus a natural boost for your senses and spirit courtesy of the natural aromatherapy powers of our botanical essences. And all using only the power of pure Mother Nature.
At Kaur Essentials, we believe that true beauty comes from Within. Every time you experience the pure beauty of Kaur, you are doing something beautiful for our world. Kaur Essentials automatically donates 5% of each purchase to a charitable cause doing beautiful work toward protecting and preserving our natural Environment, Education and care for at-risk and underserved children, or Empowerment of women and gender equality. Those are our Kaur values, and they are supported through the Kaur Cares program.