About Kaur

Kaur /co • re/ from Punjabi  ਕੌਰ : PrincessKaur means Princess, and is a name that symbolizes equality, self-empowerment and independence for women everywhere.


About Our Founder

Our founder, Priscilla Kaur Dhillon, spent over 15 years in the beauty industry, including as a make-up artist and stylist in Los Angeles, California, the heart of the media and entertainment world. She brings to KE the insights, lessons – and warnings – gleaned from making some of the world’s most famous and glamourous stars look beautiful for commercial, print and movie roles. She also brings beauty and skin care product knowledge from working for some of the world’s leading cosmetic brands, including L’Oreal, Benefit and Mac cosmetics.

A Mother’s Mission

Though Priscilla has long practiced a minimalist, natural approach to cosmetics for herself, during the course of her pregnancy she felt compelled to understand exactly what was going into her body through her skin. That maternal urge sparked her journey to examine each and every ingredient in the beauty and skin care products she had in her cabinets and on her dresser. What she learned about the ingredients in the mainstream “beauty” products she and women all over the world use every day shocked her and inspired her mission to develop a 100% pure, safe, all natural skin care suite that actually works. Kaur Essentials is the result of Priscilla’s mission. Women, and even men, from all over the world are benefiting from discovering KE’s unique skin care suite and effects. We invite you to Discover Your Kaur today.